Anatolian Shepherd Dog Temperament and Lifespan

Anatolian Shepherd Dog is very similar to the Great Pyrenees but it is more slender and agile. It has excellent proportions and well-developed musculature. Distinctive features: the mandatory black mask on the face (this is reflected in the Turkish name - Karabash) and strong jaws. Anatolian Shepherd Dog has a very subtle mind, it is very calm with people and very well trained. The character of this dog includes such qualities as a proprietary attitude to the property of its owners, it will not allow anyone to touch those things that belong to the owner.

The dogs of this breed are active, workable and highly reliable guardian dogs, protecting the host family as well as the property. Karabash is a stubborn dog, fearless but not aggressive, independent, very intelligent, proud and self-confident. It is mistrustful of strangers. If you teach it since childhood, it will get along with other animals well. This dog is not for everyone and requires a competent and consistent care. Unpretentious and hardy Karabash can tolerate large temperature differences and live all year round in the street, but it is better to live in the house - in this case it will be a good friend and companion for the whole life which usually lasts about 10-11 years.

How Much Does an Anatolian Shepherd Dog Cost and Price Range

Do you want to have Anatolian Shepherd as your pet? Then be ready to pay about $800-$1000 for the puppy of this breed. The main factor which may influences its price is the quality of the dog. The pet quality puppies cost less than show quality dogs which price may rise to $1500 or even higher depending on the breeder. Rarely you can see the advertisements with old dogs for sale. Sure that the championship also adds some points to the price of the dog.

Anatolian Shepherd Dog Colors, Shedding, Full Size and Average Weight

The dog is large and tall, powerfully built, with a broad, heavy head and short thick hair. Height: males - 74-81 cm; Females - 71-79 cm. Weight: adult males - 50-64 kg; females - 41-59 kg.

All colors are possible but it is preferred to have one color, from cream to pale yellow with a black mask and ears.

Anatolian Shepherd Dog Breed Characteristics, Information and Facts

Anatolian Shepherd Dog is not widespread, since it is not very convenient to keep it in a flat. This breed has interesting roots that go deep into history. Initially, there was information that the Anatolian Shepherd Dog breed appeared in Turkey. The name comes from the place of origin - the Anatolian plateau