Beauceron Temperament and Lifespan

Dogs of this breed are distinguished by their ability to be leaders, which is a necessary quality for a large number of grazing sheep and reflection predator attacks. However, this fact makes Beauceron a dog with the great sense of superiority over other animals.

If the owner of this breed is not able to show that he is the boss, the Beauceron will assume that it is on a higher place in the hierarchy than his master, and will act accordingly. This can lead to aggressive behavior, destructive actions, disrespect and lack of opportunity to properly train your dog.

Also, this breed of dog is known for its restraint and openness when dealing with strangers and does not differ overly aggressive barking or cruelty. Leadership and moderation of the Beauceron makes it an ideal watchdog. Beauceron can be a good deterrent to criminals because of their threatening appearance and large size. Despite the fact that the Beauceron has a tendency to meet strangers quietly, without frightening barking when the owner or his family in danger, the Beauceron immediately takes charge of the situation and will protect its people with maximum ferocity. The lifespan of this breed is about 11-12 years.

How Much Does a Beauceron Cost and Price Range

The price ranges from $ 300 to $600. It differs depending on the dog's quality and the breeder's location. If you are going to buy the show class dog or the breed quality dog, you should be ready to pay the higher price for these two types.

Beauceron Colors, Shedding, Full Size and Average Weight

Beauceron or smooth-French Shepherd (Eng. The Beauceron, fr. Berger de Beauce) is a herding dog, originally from northern France. It is the largest and oldest of the French herding dogs, it has never been interbred with other breeds and is a thoroughbred dog. Beauceron males reach 60-70 cm at the withers and weigh between 30 and 45 kg, females are slightly smaller.

The coat consists of a top and an undercoat. The top is black, black and tan, harlequin (black and gray color with a red and tan, black and gray spots). This is a rough, thick wool length of 3-4 cm. On the head, ears, legs it is shorter. The undercoat is gray, mouse-colored, short, thick. In winter, it becomes denser, especially if the dog lives in the yard.

Beauceron Breed Characteristics, Information and Facts

Beauceron will get along well with other animals and children, provided that the children know how to handle it, and the other animals do not mind to be reckoned to the lowest place in the hierarchy of animals living in the house. If children will tease or hurt Beauceron, then don't wait for good relationship and that the dog is going to like them. It won't listen to them, even when they grow up. In addition, it can lead to serious problems of dog behavior, which should be avoided.

If children will treat a Beauceron respectfully, but firmly, it can be an excellent companion and protector, even for very young children.