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Custom Molded Orthotics

Author: Dan Littman

At Hands-On Healthcare, the concept of healthy feet is not taken lightly. As Chiropractors we understand the importance of proper biomechanics of your feet. Your feet are the foundation of proper posture and considering the average person takes a minimum of between 8,000 to 10,000 steps per day it is obvious why improper foot function can affect you spine. We therefore offer custom shoe support to correct any problem our examination may reveal. We focus on function, offering supportive orthotic devices that can truly make a difference!

Here at Hands-On Healthcare we have made the #1 selling Massage Chair available to our patients. We special order these amazing chairs for those of our patients who want to continue their treatment at home, providing deep penetrating massage for the neck, shoulders, back, calves, and feet with simple, easy to use massage programs available on a touch control. These versatile chairs also provide you with full body stretching, aiding in decompression of the spine. The doctors of Hands-On Healthcare truly believe in the benefits of this product . . . so much so that they even use them in their own homes!

We carry a full line of ProBotanixx herbs to compliment your treatment and enhance your recovery.

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