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Why People Fail to Quit Smoking Eventhough They Tried Many Times

Numerous individuals around the world are smokers and maybe you are one of them. Most of them may try to quit smoking, but finally only a small group of them succeed. Most of these smokers will fail to quit smoking eventually after they have tried to give up and you could be one of them as well.

You may now have many questions to come up. Is it easy to quit smoking? Why do they still fail after they have tried many times? Why should we give up smoking? Is it possible to quit smoking successfully? It's very normal that you have these queries when you hear many stories that people tried time and time again but finally failed to quit smoking.

Before you take actions to give up smoking, you need to find out why it's not that easy. The first reason is it's not easy for people to change a habit once they develop it. Smokers are used to pick up a pack of cigarettes, shake one out and light it. It takes time for them to change this habit and most of them cannot reject the habit during this time; so they finally fail.

No one will be consciously aware of brushing his teeth in the morning because this is a habit. We all have habits and they are ingrained into us. We don't realise these habits when we do them. Smoking is a habit as well. Smokers see this as a very common thing.

The next reason why people fail to quit smoking is they have not enough willpower. Smokers want to give up smoking because they know the damages that smoking will bring to them and their families. However they still enjoy smoking very much. This is very strange. They know the negative effects smoking brings, but they cannot say no to smoke too. Their willpower is so weak. This is the most important reason why they fail. They struggle to quit smoking but they know once they succeed, they will lose the sense of pleasure. So they finally go back to smoking and enjoy it.

Therefore if you really want o quit smoking, the first thing you need to do is to change your habit of smoking. The good news is it only takes about one or two months to develop a new habit. During this period of time, you may move your concentration to other things to help you form a new habit.

The second thing is you need to believe you will succeed and it will give more happiness. Strong willpower always plays a vital role in quit smoking. Obviously it is not easy to quit smoking and only doing these two things are not enough to make you successful in giving up smoking. You can find more helpful tips to quit smoking on this article: best easy way to quit smoking. Find out why people fail to quit smoking and avoid these mistakes in your effort, and finally you will succeed in giving up smoking.